The Design Process Guide

We work with you to ensure your website is exactly as you want it. Below is a brief outline of the process but this will depend on your individual requirements.

Website Designs for you - Phase 1

Phase 1 : Analysis

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Website purpose

On initial contact a no obligation call or a virtual meeting will be arranged to find out about your business and to gather key information. 

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Website goals

During our call we will assess your goals and expectations, find out about your business and who your competitors are and identify whether we will be able to assist in building your website. 

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Target audience

Your target audience is key so to ensure we understand your business and create that stunning website that you need we will ensure all the relevant questions are asked. All questions are valid and be assured no question is too silly.

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Website Designs for you - Phase 2

Phase 2 : Planning

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Key Information gathering and research

Upon receipt of a signed agreement, a key information gathering pack will be sent to you for completion. This will request key information to build your website. If required your logo ideas will be discussed at a follow up call as well as your preference for domain names and email addresses. If needed we can also assess your current website and social pages, review any analytics and trends, examine competitor websites and identify new website purpose, objectives and audience.

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During the planning we will form a sitemap of your new website. This will outline all the area discussed and show a page by page layout of your site. We will map out your requirements so that everything is covered. This provides an invaluable reference for both you and us and helps keep everyone focused on the task and goals at hand. The last things anyone wants is a website that doesn't meet all your expectations.

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Website structure

We will show you the website structure that may include images, videos, links whether they are internal within your website or external to other sources such as other websites, social media accounts or booking and  payments. We will define the content hierarchy and flow, create page outlines and assemble and classify content types.

Website Designs for you - Phase 3

Phase 3 : Design

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Visual Style

We will work with you on the style. We will establish a visual hierarchy and placemat of content, review branding, identify colours and fonts, determine overall visual feel and create visual assets such as buttons, calls to action and links. We have many designs and styles you can choose from for more details click here

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Images and logo

Images and logo are very important so we ensure that the design meets all your requirements and matches your business needs. For more information on logo creation click here. Please note you must hold the royalties to all imagery for copyright purposes. 

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Usability, user interface and experience

Your website needs to have the WOW factor and work effective and efficiently. If the website doesn't work properly then the user will just click away. A great user interface is what we strive for.

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Website Designs for you - Phase 4

Phase 4 : Content

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Clear and concise

Good content is what keeps your website visitors engaged and interested in your site. The content needs to be clear, crisp and without errors. We will work with you to ensure the content doesn't provide mixed messages, is concise and understandable and helps drive your customers to you with the use of search engine optimisation.

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Photos and videos

Photos, videos and images are all very important in making your visitor to your website stay engaged and interested. Having a whole load of words and no graphics will drive your visitors away and not read any of the content. We can support with stock images and even provide a promo video to assist marketing your business.

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Search engine optimisation

Getting your business found on Google is one of the hardest factors to achieve. You can have a great website but if no one can find it then its worthless. We can assist in SEO keywords and phases and help you start up your My Business account in Google to optimise visitor numbers.

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Website Designs for you - Phase 5

Phase 5 : Development

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HTML and CSS coding

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies for building web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices. We use these and other tools to develop your website.

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We use themes and page templates to build your website and install and configure any custom functionality such as button, links and actions.

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Responsive design

Websites are at there best when they can be viewed on different devices. We ensure that the most effective layout for each screen size is achieved. The visibility and appearance of the content is important as fonts and spacing can differ on small screens.

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Website designs for you - Phase 6

Phase 6 : Testing

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Technical testing

Your website is tested to ensure it works correctly and all the functions are active. Before it is deployed a link will be sent to you for review. Any changes can be marked on the draft website and once received back these will be made prior to deployment and publishing your website. Email confirmation will then be sent.

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Browser compatibility

We will ensure your website is supported by most browsers including, but not limited to, Google chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

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"Does it fulfil it's purpose?"

We will review with you your website prior to deployment and publishing to ensure it fulfils the purpose and the sitemap agreed at the planning stage. Any changes needed can be made upto the publishing of the site

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Website Designs for you - Phase 7

Phase 7 : Deployment

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We will monitor your website site to ensure it continues to wok and operates effectively during the first month. Should any issues occur these will be corrected and the site will be re-published.

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Bug Fixes

There maybe times when the site doesn't work fully. You or your Visitors may notice something wrong. In this case these can be corrected and again the site can be re-published

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If needed we can maintain your website for an additional fee. This maybe to update blogs, posts or notices or to review stock items, images, information or videos. Costs for this can be discussed.